Personalized Intelligent Tele-Health System

It is a system that is personalized, compatible with the patient, increasing the self-control and motivation of the patient, facilitating the interaction between patient-service provider-hospital-doctor-nurse, and offering platform independent access. It allows instant monitoring of all data of patients.

It is a system that helps patients with chronic diseases to get better health care from home. Providing automatic communication with all the devices needed, the platform offers patient monitoring through a single application.

At the same time, the system, which can also make reminders of medication and measurements, can provide online monitoring and online interviews with doctors.



By measuring their blood pressure at frequent intervals throughout the day; It is a device that records blood pressure and pulse rate while asleep, resting, and active. Thus, it is determined at which time of the day the blood pressure values of patients with long-term hypertension are high and treatment is added to those hours. It is attached to the arm and automatically measures and records the blood pressure at regular intervals and then gives a breakdown of it.



For the diagnosis of heart diseases, electrocardiography is used for continuous recording and reporting. It can be used for printing, analysis and evaluation of ECG records. It is not a form of treatment for heart conditions, but helps doctors diagnose and determine the appropriate treatment for a particular heart condition.



Pulse oximeter is a device that can measure the heart rate per minute and the oxygen level in the blood in the easiest and fastest way, and can also record.



By providing instant body temperature monitoring, patient tracking is provided with analysis software and artificial intelligence algorithm.



You can reopen recordings and send or
share remote instructions whenever you want.


Ready for Integration (HL7 / HIMSS)

Ready for the Ministry of Health e-Nabız and Tele-Tıp integration